FP&M was founded by Brian Christian, as a young man Brian enjoyed working with his hands and always had an interest in metalworking. After graduating high school, Brian went to junior college and enrolled in Tool and Die technology where he learned quickly and excelled. It was here that he determined that one day he would have his own shop. After graduating, he began work as a shop machinist at a custom assembly line manufacturer. After a couple of promotions, he was encouraged to pursue an engineering degree. He left manufacturing to attend college and was employed by the university in their engineering laboratory machine shop, here he was given many opportunities to design and build many prototypes. Shortly, He was promoted to a manager position in the universities metallurgy lab. After graduation, he took an engineering position and over several years began purchasing machine tools to eventually open his own shop. FP&M is the result of all those years of hard work and dedication.
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Our team of employees have experience in everything from  CAD to produce your drawings to Metallurgy to help with material selection, through machining, CAM, G-Code Programming all the way to logistics to get your project to you in a timely and cost effective manner.
We believe in customer service and effective communication with our clients.  We enjoy our professional relationships and this ethic is shared throughout the company.    We will do whatever we can to support a good working relationship with our customers.